Wednesday, November 12, 2014


" Don't Poets know it better than others, God can't be everywhere always, so He invented Mothers" - Sir Edward Arnold 
My mother always did her best to be there for my every need. But, not just me-she was always there for my uncles, aunts, cousins, and her mom (my grandma). She bailed family members out countless times. On this particular day (image above), we were staying at the Riviera in Indiana while visiting my Great Grandma. On this visit, we stayed in the Captin's House right across the street from the convenient store, where we gorged ourselves on chick-o sticks all summer long. This was a good day because mom and I walked down to the porch swing at the Lake and watched the water until the sun set. It got chilly and she snuggled close to me to keep warm. We talked and talked. 

I miss our talks. I miss your voice. I feel like I may be forgetting all kinds of things about you. Before you died, it wasn't a struggle to recall anything. But, now, that I can't just run to you with any little question, I am charged with remembering. 

Your voice was sweet and loving. It had a rusty quality. it was beautiful.... 

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