Saturday, December 5, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

I really like everything about FALL! (I like winter
more, but I couldn't take any snow pictures:()

The outdoors is a favorite place of mine...

I love my adorable tortoise shell kitten, truffles :) She's
so snuggly!

One staple in my life will always be fine chocolate..mmm.

GIRL SCOUTS! It's my favorite place to be on
Monday night. I will always be a scout leader!

This is my favorite mug. I love to drink hot tea!

I love to cook. pretty much anything I can get my
hands on...This pot has chili. I generally like to make

Again, I like nature. But this picture is posted for the c
color PURPLE. It represents me completely. anything
purple is mine. Everything else can be painted.

Yarn...I love to knit. I have wayyyy too much yarm!
After I post this and do some physics HW, I am going
to finish knitting a scarf!

I like butterflies..this is my comforter. Hey, and it's