Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wish you were here ;)

I'm doing good. Or so I thought....

I spent days looking through old photos and even scrapbooked some (which makes me feel awesomely connected to my family, even though you are all mostly gone) 

I have been running around the house like a crazy person; cleaning, organizing and making what I have stretch and look pretty, just like you taught me mom....

So, I took everything out of the closet to reorganize it, something we never did. Lol. Til it was Christmas and we had to find all the burried decorations. 

And some photos of you fell on top of my head!!! And it LITERALLY hit me....

I really wish you were here, mom.

These are the most recent pictures I have of you. They were taken in April of 2009, and you died in November.

This is one of my favorite photos of you because you look soooo happy, mommy. 
I hope you are happy wherever you. 

I don't know the story behind this photo because I wasn't there. But I would like to caption it anyways: 

An ordinary day at work. It's lunchtime and Kelly brought you lunch and then snapped a few candids of you trying to hide ( silly mom, you were beautiful) and playing around with skylar. I bet it was a slow day, but good. And you came home to me. And I realllly hope that I reminded you just how much I loved you and needed you. And we had yummy dinner together. 

Wish you were here mommy.