Monday, November 17, 2014

Night will come

When I was little (well 5th grade), we had to learn a lullaby from another culture. Now, I forget what culture I chose, but it was a song I learned in chorus, so I used that one.

You loved it! And sometimes when I couldn't fall asleep, or I had a bad dream, we would sing it. 

You used to leave messages on the house phone for me with it. When I went away to camp for the first time, you told me to, " look up at the moon and say I love you, mom" and at that exact time, she would do the same, and since we were looking at the same moon, she would feel my love and I would feel hers. 

That camping trip, I used the voice recorder you bought me for my history project and sang the lullabye to you. I think you appreciated that...

So, today, this is for you, mom!!!!!

Soon night will come 
Following the sun 
Sounds of the night growing near
Here the winds whispering 
Whispering to you
Sleep sleep sleep 
Goodnight my sweet one 
Goodnight my dear one 
Good night my sweet one
To you, good night! 

Mommy & Jessie First Photo

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