Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A poem for you, mom

The other day I was flipping through stuff and found a journal that belonged to you, mom. There were very few poems, and some cute doodles of trees, houses, and clothes.

They were beautiful poems

 My mom always had a way with words, but me not so much. Poems are hard for me. I remember not being able to write them in forth grade; it was quite distressing to me. But, my mother would sit at the table and marvelous words would flow out of her... it was beautiful.

So, I've decided to write a poem for you.


If Heaven had a Window

By Jessica Tolasky 12-27-14

If heaven had a window, and you granted me a view
I wouldn't waste time searching
I'd only look for you
I'd listen for your laughter
And wait to see your smile
All because I miss
the scent of your shampoo

If Heaven had a window and you granted me a view 
I'd treasure that sweet moment and only be near you 

Here on earth I pray to God to show me signs of you
and every day that passes you're with me in my mind
I wonder if you're happy 
And waiting there for me
I love you and I miss you 
More than words could say 

I hope that you can hear me 
and listen to my thoughts,
and where ever this life takes me you know I've not forgot.
That once upon a time I was blessed and loved its true,
and if heaven had a window 
 I'd only look for you.

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